7 April 1989
Well my name is Marie, I'm 19 and I live in Quebec, Canada. French is my first language though I speak English fluently... well, I write English fluently, seeing as I don't have the occasion to speak it very often and I hate my accent. I'm completely addicted and obsessive about movies, music and books - I'd die in a library/dvd store if I could, and if I ever won the lottery and felt the need to spend my money irrationally and irresponsibly, I'd buy hundreds of movies, CDs and books... oh, and I'd go in a toy store too. FAO-Schwarz in NY... a FRIGGIN LIFE SIZED HORSE!

Ahem... I'm a person who has clashing traits of personality - I can be as shy as outgoing, as nice as I can be mean (if you rub me the wrong way) and as annoying as I can be great to hang out with. I can be rather moody just like I can be the sweetest girl around. I love meeting new people from all over the world - when I was a kid I wanted to have a penpal from another country but never got to it, so I think the net has pretty much solved that problem.